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Every Day Light

Treasury of Timeless Wisdom and Reflection for Every Leader

Every Day Light, Treasury of Timeless Wisdom and Reflection for Every Leader is intended to provide a much needed, often-missed time with God. Whenever and wherever you choose to read it, you’ll not only be refreshed, energized, and prepared to face another day, but you’ll feast your eyes on equally inspiring artwork. Continue to select passages and discover how they can change your life into a burning and a shining light.

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Crumpled But Not Ruined

Transforming Health Care – You Must Change!

U.S Health Care is one of the nation’s most important industries. It is possible to improve quality and safety while simultaneously reducing cost when a clinician master the diagnostic process and must have four essential attributes: knowledge, skills, experience and judgment. We are the stewards, not the possessors, of health. Caring for our bodies and patients is a way of honoring and loving God. To get started, some may demand and say, “Take us to your leader.” Does leadership really makes a difference? How about abandoning the philosophy that says, “This is the way we have always done it.” Or resolved not to succumb to perverse incentives and the refusal to maintain the terrible status quo. No remedy for the crisis is complete, however, without resolving the importance and place of character which is essential and central to good leadership in creating a safety culture. All progress will be brought about if your willing to apply the instructions provided and the power to live according to them. Health Care System should be motivated to help and improve the quality of life of people, but it fails at times. It really comes down to the decision we all must make: To love or not to love, that is the question. You Must Change! All change – takes place by grace.

Spring 2020

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